Adventure seeker, business entrepreneur. 
How can we generate money while sleeping? 

I was born and raised on a small town near Venice, Italy. I am graduated in Sports Science and practiced sport in high performance level until I was 23 years old. My dream was to become a gold medalist at an Olympic Game but my family never really supported the fact that I would dedicate my time fully into sport. That influenced a lot my decisions and also triggered me to make a big shift in my life. In 2012, I’ve decided to move to Australia.

I didn’t speak English at all and my only professional experience was a part time job as a Sport Teacher at aschool close to where I used to live. Coming from a 25,000 population city, moving to Sydney was a huge impact. I still remember the first night in a hostel sharing the room with other foreigners, we were all completely lost. As time passed by, I did a bit of everything. First, I’ve learnt how to speak English, then, as a very determined person, I started working with all sort of things. 

By the way, I used to earn $160 per week. With this money I used to pay $100 weekly rent and had only $60 to live per week. Tough times, but I was always looking for different ways to learn. I was always trying to connect with as many people as possible,  in a very personal and genuine way. Sharing my story, my core values and being true to myself, made me connect with a lot of good people that helped me a lot along my way

Passive Income Ideas

One evening looking for passive income opportunities, an ad pop into my screen. As we all hate ads and those garbage about the “work less, earn lots” sort of thing, that we all know that doesn’t exist.

A cruel irony… The reward for someone who works hard is more work. So I never expected to watch those videos and see something magical but I wanted to take my own conclusions.  I took my time to watch it and the video really caught my attention. Not only because I was thinking I needed to work less, but because was something that if I put effort on, extra time and of course, some down payment, I would be able to work from anywhere ! That’s what caught attention: being able to travel around  taking ” my office” with me.

Ok, so what's next?

So, first I did a very good research on the “Six Figure Mentors – SFM”. I read several reviews, asked and spoke with many people about it. I also did a good research on Digital and Affiliated Marketing. Learning is the best investment you can make and once you know how to do something, you can share and spread the knowledge wherever you are!

Make the Leap

Join us and take some actions to change your life, like I did. Give yourself an opportunity to learn. If you landed here is because you are looking for the same thing that I was: to enjoy my time doing what I love with who I love and living on my own terms! Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much! 


We want to inspire others to learn about Digital Marketing and have flexibility with their time. Time is our most important asset and we shouldn’t waste it doing something we aren’t truly passionate about. You just have to be willing to work hard.
We promise it will pay off, but nothing good comes without effort. 

We are more than happy to share our journey in Digital Marketing and let you know exactly:

How did we get started;
And how we could achieve our freedom with time


Adventure seeker, business entrepreneur. 
How can we have freedom to be closer from who we love? 

I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I came from family with really strong roots. The memories that I have from my  childhood are from staying with my family during holidays, playing along  with my friends, cousins, brother and sister, having fun outside, running and riding bicycle. I was always supported by my family, they were my best friends. Since my early childhood I knew that I was an adventure seeker and a sport passionate. I did all sorts of sports that you could imagine from horse back riding, windsurfing, surfing, triathlon, running, tennis, cycling, dancing to snowboarding and met the best kind of people and got the best opportunities through it. 

I was graduated in Journalism. As soon as I finish college I started working as a Sport Journalist for a brazilian triathlon magazine and at the same time  I was working as a Sports Event Planner. A couple of years later I quit my job to move to Argentina to fulfill my dream of becoming a business owner. I created a Multisport Magazine along with a friend. 

I am an adventure seeker but the fact that I was living so far away from my family wasn’t pleasing me as much. But, I wanted to give it a go and see what my dreams were reserving to me.


I moved to Melbourne, Australia in 2013 and I had to start all over again. It was almost impossible to find a job in my area of expertise. 

It was really hard the amount of “no’s” I’ve got, I can’t even describe. But I was determined not to give up. Finally, in November 2016, I got my first job back into my field ( sport, communication and marketing).  I was finally working on a Cycling Industry. I was more then excited. 

Hell of a journey

2017 is a year to be forgotten but remembered. Absolutely everything bad happened in my life. The year started with my father getting worst and worst from a Prostate Cancer and passing away in March. Being so far from Brazil and with little money saved I had the challenge to decide the best moment to return home to see him. I finally arrived there two days before his death. It was a remarkable moment. That’s when two things happened to me: 

#2 I realized that time is our most important asset. 
We don’t have a minute to loose. We can’t afford not doing something, or not taking an action because of what others say, think or do. You have to listen to your heart, follow your intuition and do what is right for you.

When I came back from Brazil  I decided to get divorced. I was feeling the urgency of doing things that I wanted as quick as I could because for me the clock was ticking and time was passing by. I was too far away from what is important to me and I couldn’t see that any action would be done if I didn’t change my attitude and go chase it. 

I also became redundant at my job. That’s the part from 2017 that could be forgotten, but the reality is that was an important part of my journey and what led me where I am now.

Also in 2017 I met Matteo. A person that changed my life. He challenged me from day one till today . During our journey the most important thing is that he always believes on me and on my true potential. Our core values & goals are so align that sometimes is overwhelming.  

Why all this story?

Connection. Yes, connection is everything. If something changed in my life, something can change in yours. What does it take? Actions. 

Luckly 2019 is been a great year so far , but nothing that is happening is because I am lucky. I had to pass – and I am still passing – for bloody big challenges to achieve what I want. I try to be positive about all  things that happens in my life even though when it’s looking pretty bad. I try to understand the “why’s” , “how’s” and “what’s”. My story is not more special than yours.


My ultimate goal is to have geographical freedom to be close from my family and friends that I love. Maybe a more “strategic place.” 

When Matteo came to me with the idea from learning online digital marketing through SFM and become an affiliate for DEA, I will be honest with you – I didn’t believe at all. But I never took his enthusiasm away. If he was so convinced about it, I knew that it must have something there that caught his attention and that made him believe it was the right thing for us. 

A couple of months passed since he started with the program and a lot happened and I was able to see the value for us and also for other people. Because time is our most important asset, if you leave for tomorrow something that you can do today to change your life, why not giving it a go? 

 Join Us so we hold your hand to walk through the first steps. First you Learn. Then you remove the “L”.