How to Build a Business Around your Passions?

That’s exactly the same question I had before I decided to make my own online business. What would you like to do? 
  • Write a book
  • An online course of your favorite subject. Maybe cooking? 
  • A motivational speaking business
  • A blog
  • Fitness/ Gym business
  • Youtube channel
  • Become an Influencer
Or maybe you just don’t know! All you know is that you want to work for yourself and do something more exciting than what you are doing now. 
So that’s how I started researching for ways to learn more and understand how I could develop something around my passions. That’s how I found Stuart.
He was sharing this free webinar and I still remember the day I clicked on it and his first lines were:

"Don't cross your fingers wishing for the best. It's necessary to take action. The answer for what you want is not having an online business that you press a button here or there and solve all the problems of your life. It’s much more than that. You must add value to people".

At that moment, I realized I was landing in a very genuine and authentic place. Before that, I was really skeptical about all this “online business” thing as there are way too much stuff out there that makes you absolutely confused. So I found that Stuart was being honest with me and that really resonated with my values.
So I “Reserved My Seat” and watched his webinar. During the training. I’ve heard some very interesting points that I would like to share with you:
  • That in general we believe Digital Skills are an “uphill struggle”. This is a complete misconception as these days we have tools and resources that can make all that really easy and simple.
  • Explaining the different business models you can do online and how you could easily get started.
  • Why having Digital Knowledge is so important for anything we want to do really.
  • The back-end of his platform, the amount of courses, coaches, webinars, tools and resources for any one, from any walk of life, with any digital skill level could easily get started. 
An on top of everything: Whatever you want to do, always give value to people.
What’s the point of me creating a business that I take and don’t give? So, his webinar was all about build a business around my passions and how to leverage it using the power of the internet. If I was open to learn, invest in my future and willing to take responsibility for myself, things could look incredibly bright.
That webinar was exactly what I needed – I found a mentor who I could trust, someone that could help me to step out of my comfort zone and teach me an easy step by step process to build a business I love. And that’s exactly what I want you to get from here. Learn how you can build a business around your passions or maybe just represent other brands/services an earn a commission out of it. How? You will need to watch the webinar to understand. It’s free.  
If you are in that “limbo” that you want to get started but afraid or doubtful or even not sure what to do, as you might don’t have a product/service to sell, here is the solution for your problem. Separate 90 minutes on your daily schedule, reserve your seat, go to a place that you can focus and watch Stuart’s video. 
My experience was that I started looking for a course to learn digital marketing to develop my skills and I now have a business that provides me with a secondary source of income and that up skilled me to absolutely everything I do. 
But remember, it’s not a press the button sort of program. You will need to dedicate time and effort. So always ask yourself: How much am I willing to do to change my life? The answer will lead you to the action of what you have to do. 
Always here for you,
Renata & Matteo 

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